Research Tools

MackinVia IconOur access to MackinVia allows you to access all of our ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, and databases. Take some time to explore the navigation and get familiar with the way it works.Login Instructions:
To log in, select Ann Richards School, AUSTIN, TX. Log in using the same login you use for school computers.


EbscoHost is our powerhouse research database. It provides access to reliable information sources such as peer-reviewed research studies, news articles, and other resources needed for your academic research. If you are at school, the site should log you in automatically. If you are at home, you can our district password. (Check your Google Drive for your list of passwords.)

Gale Academic OneFile is another excellent resource for academic research projects. Similar to Ebsco, it gives you access to peer reviewed journals, news articles, etc.

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of online electronic reference books. Book topics include the environment, collected biographies, arts and humanities, literary criticism, etc.

If you are researching a fairly common topic, this is the place to begin. Student Resources in Context is a subject guide that collects resources and and organizes them around specific topics.

NoodleTools is an online research manager. You can use it to cite your sources with correctly formatted works cited pages and to manage and stay on top of your research projects.

Ebsco Online Reference Library offers extensive reference collections for U.S. and Global History and Culture.  Excellent resource for high school research on social issues and time periods. Note: You will need the log in information from your list of passwords in GDocs each time you use this tool.