Traditional Books Win Again…

ebook vs. traditional book graphOur end-of-the-year library survey has been shared and the responses are beginning to come in. Once again, traditional books win hands down over eBooks as a choice for students. This year I added the question of why they prefer one format over the other. The most commonly cited answers for preferring traditional over eBooks so far are as follows:

  1. Eye strain
  2. Break from screen time
  3. Better comprehension
  4. Knowledge of where I am in a book

I think it’s interesting that our digital natives have become aware of a need to step away from their screens on their own. It’s a great example of their reflection skills and self-awareness that we sometimes forget to credit.

Those who preferred eBooks over traditional most frequently cited the ease with which they could access a book for their preference. Several stated that they liked not knowing exactly how much they had read or how thick the book is, and that made them less stressed about their progress.

The survey still has a week to go, so these results aren’t final yet. I’ll post again if anything surprising happens.