Upcoming Author Visit with Laurie Halse Anderson!!

Mark your calendars! The one and only Laurie Halse Anderson is visiting ARS on Monday, October 24th at 2 pm!

LHA is one of our most powerful voices in young adult literature. In 2009 she was awarded the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards Award “[honoring] an author, as well as a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature.”  Moving between realistic contemporary fiction that addresses the very real issues faced by today’s teens (Speak and Wintergirls) and riveting historical thrillers based on touchstone moments in our country’s history (Fever 1793 and her Seeds of America Trilogy), Laurie Halse Anderson creates stories that demand “just one more chapter” before turning out the lights.

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The ARS Writing Center is now open! Come by and let Shara and her crew help you turn in a stellar composition! It doesn’t matter what grade you are in or what subject you are dealing with, the Writing Center team can help!

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#TBT “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”

There are many amazing, life-changing, and one-of-a-kind books sitting in every library in existence, and yet most of these diamonds-in-the-roughs are neglected and overlooked. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” is a coming-of-age novel that tells the story of a lost 15 year old named Craig Gilner, who’s depression and suicidal thoughts has landed him in the adult psychiatric unit of Brooklyn hospital. His opportunity to spend time away from his “friends” surrounded by inspirational medical posters and other mentally unstable patients, allows him to find an answer to his unhappiness and how to cut the cord between his Tentacles and his Anchors, in hopes for a Shift to occur.

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” has seen less and less readers over the years, and I am determined to change that. Coming from someone who’s indulged in this incredible book not once, but twice, I can promise you that tears will be shed and you may even begin to question your own mental stability. I know for a fact that it’s changed people’s lives, including mine. There’s even a movie based on this story, with actors like Emma Roberts and Zach Galifianakis. It pains me to see that not everyone has not had the ability to enjoy this novel like I have. So, I argue that this heart-wrenching novel deserves much more attention and love in our library.


Minion Tech: McClain D


My wonderful Minions from the Class of 2015 in collusion with our incredible sixth grade science teacher surprised me with a high tea, a MakerSpaced little library, and a ton of love.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be where I am and with these amazing kiddos and teachers.  #Happiness is #LibraryLove.


Parting Thought:

“She sounds like someone who spends a lot of time in libraries, which are the best sorts of people.”

–Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making


Freedom to Read at ARS

Award-winning author Lauren Myracle visits with a few Stars.
Award-winning author Lauren Myracle visits with a few Stars.

Celebrate your freedom to read…everyday.

Reading is a joy, a privilege, and the right of every student. To ensure this right for each student, please remember the following:

As you select the library books you will read, please understand that not every book is a good fit for every reader.

You, the student, know better than we, the library staff, what reading materials best serve you and your family’s standards and beliefs.

If a book turns out to be unappealing, offensive, or disturbing to you in any way, please return it and select another.

Also, please remember our library collection is being built to serve students aged 11 through 18 years old; therefore, it contains materials to serve all  reading levels, interests, and needs.

The Ann Richards School Library supports the principles of Intellectual Freedom inherent in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as expressed in official statements of the American Library Association.